Emporium Brazil Design pieces displayed at Capo Couture

Brazilian brand Capo Couture renovated its space with Emporium Brazil Design pieces, featuring the “Mole” armchair and sofa by Sergio Rodrigues, “Jangada” armchair by Jean Gillon, side tables and coffee table by Giuseppe Scapinelli, the “Guaruja” dining table, “Pétalas” side table and “Onda” bench by Jorge Zalszupin, the Joaquim Tenreiro counter stools, “Kilin” armchairs and “Mocho” stool by Sergio Rodrigues, the “Ouro Preto” lounge chair and tea trolley by Jorge Zalszupin, “Aranha” chair and coffee table by Joaquim Tenreiro as well as sculptures by Alfredo Ceschiatti and Bruno Giorgi.

All the pieces are also available for purchase directly in the store.