“It is What it is” – Luca Ewbank Solo Exhibition



The Emporium Brazil Design Gallery, during the Miami Design Week, unveiled the beautiful commemorative exhibition celebrating the 10-year career of the visual artist Gian Luca Ewbank entitled – “It is What it is”.

The showcased artworks bear witness to the artist´s evolution and creative journey, offering a glimpse into the various phases and inspirations that shaped his prolific career.

Gian Luca Ewbank experiments with new mediums and formats for his language. Graduated in Social Communication, the artist was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1990.
His work involves the richness of the encounter of media, techniques, and ideas, paving the way for new trends and possibilities. Strongly influenced by Pop Art, the artist signals and tensions provocative and metaphorical issues related to mass culture, pop iconography, and urban environment.
The multiple character of the materials and the encounter between word and image are two mainstays of Gian Luca Ewbank’s poetics. Initially, one can notice this affection and persistence in labor and a fascination with different materialities. Apart from the pieces on canvas, this thought of juxtaposition and mixing of diverse elements expands into the space in the artist’s three-dimensional works.
It is relevant to perceive that the artist formulates works especially with the correlation of writing. He is explicitly enchanted by the mixture between message and appeal, transparency and presence, as well as the seductive and decodable scope that is located and navigates with skill.
The discourse has more connections with persistence and an uninterrupted fascination with the alchemy of creation, between material and concrete making, flanked by robust concepts to establish themselves amid such liquid and volatile times. Ewbank subverts logic and, through his catchy authorship, calls us to a critical position, which digests consumerism and the mass media activated in the arts of the 1960s, and helps to question and resignify direct concepts of this complex world today.