De.Reter by Pedro Galaso

Derreter in Portuguese means melt that resembles its shape. The name that immediately leads us to understand its shapes and sources of inspiration. De.Reter is made up of three models of large mirrors to be fixed to the wall, which result from Galaso’s desire to provoke the eye and subvert aesthetic standards through playful design. “Melting a circle leads us to a deconstruction of what we consider perfect, and, at the same time, instigates us to rethink beauty standards. When our reflected image disconnects the face from the body, for example, we have the chance to retain a new perspective of ourselves and thus reframe our self-image”, he explains. The three mirrors are made from a 3mm thick laser-cut mirror glued onto a tauari plywood base, with a solid tauari circle (natural or ebonized) in the middle that seems to support its surroundings. This piece has other finishing options. Measurements: Heigh 71,25 in Width 59,84 in Depth 1,96 in. 181 cm x 152 cm x 5 cm.

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