Originally located in Rio de Janeiro, the show room of Emporium Brazil Design has a large collection of pieces carefully chosen through several trips made in the interior of Brazil and, in some cases, bought from private collections.
We select furniture and decorative objects that represent the best of sustainable and timeless design, always taking into account the trends and novelties of the high decoration market, preserving the elegance, charm and sophistication of the exclusive pieces.

Reclaimed wood furniture

With the increasing search for sustainability and the preservation of the planet’s resources, it is increasingly necessary to align our needs with these principles. In the furniture market, reclaimed wood furniture stands out, not only for attending to the preservation of new resources, but also for its incomparable beauty and originality. The term “demolition timber” basically refers to noble timber, such as Ipê, Peroba Rosa, Angelim Pedra, Jacarandá da Bahia, Jatobá, Carvalho, Castanheira and others – unavailable today in the market and reused of demolished works and old, with totally different appearance and use of the originals. The great differential of the product is on its surface, which after years of exposure to time, acquired an incomparable texture, making each piece a true work of art.

Organic wood furniture

Without any cut of trees, the organic furniture comes from pieces of sustainable management and residues found in nature. From there, each piece is selected to become furniture and objects o
f decoration, so that its natural look is preserved. In this way, each piece becomes exclusive, because it preserves the shape created by nature, stoned by the hands of the designer, fitting perfectly in environments of high decoration, which demand exclusivity.

Modern Brazilian Furniture

Compared to works of art, the pieces produced by big names in Brazilian architecture and design from the 1930s to the 70s represent the best of timeless and exclusive design. Names such as Joaquim Tenreiro, Zalszuspin, Sergio Rodrigues, Percival Lafer, Lina Bo Bardi, Geraldo de Barros and Giuseppe Scapinelli are among those selected to compose our collection. The replacement of these pieces will be done sporadically, since they are rare pieces and careful capture.